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Kali Linux 2024.2
Kali Linux 2024.2: Explore the New Hacking Tools and Features
Introduction to Kali Linux 2024.2Kali Linux 2024.2 marks the latest iteration of the renowned penetration testing and security auditing distribution from the Kali Linux team. As a pinnacle in the realm of information security, Kali Linux remains a vi...
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Splunk Security Operations Center SIEM Solution - XEye Academy
A Comprehensive Guide to SOC Analysis with Splunk SIEM Solution
Introduction to SOC Analysis with Splunk SIEM SolutionAs a student interested in the field of cybersecurity, it is essential to have a solid understanding of Security Operations Center (SOC) analysis and the tools used in this domain. One such tool t...
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How long does it take to become a Cybersecurity Expert - XEye Academy
How long does it take to become a Cybersecurity Expert? - Detailed Blog (2024)
You might have asked yourself before taking the first step of learning, how long does it take to learn Cybersecurity, or How long does it take to become an expert? in this blog, we will provide you with a straight answer for each security field, but ...
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Digital Forensics Blog Post - XEye Academy
What is Digital Forensics and How to Become an Expert? - Detailed Educational Blog
IntroductionThe Cybersecurity field of Digital Forensics is exciting and rapidly evolving which plays a critical role in investigations. Digital Forensics Investigators must be highly skilled professionals to extract, analyze, and interpret digital e...
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passwd command - XEye Academy
Change Users Passwords on Kali Linux - Very Important For Linux Beginners
As always said, never leave your system with the default credentials as it is very very critical, it is a must as a Cybersecurity student or a specialist not to leave any of your systems with default usernames and passwords, professional hackers chec...
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wifi band - xeye academy
WiFi Bands Simplified: Empower Your Knowledge For An Effective Network Hacking and Security
Wi-Fi bands are specific broadcast frequencies used for sending and receiving traffic of data, each WiFi device such as a Router, Mobile phone, Laptop, or even a WiFi USB can work with WiFi bands of their capability, some devices work or can read a s...
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