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Cost Effective Private Cybersecurity Training With XEye Academy Cybersecurity Experts and Cybersecurity Certified Trainers

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Cost-effective private training of Cyebrsecurity majors to become an expert and certified
Private Information Security Training With Our Experienced and Skilled Information Security Certified Trainers

Experienced Trainers

All of our trainers in all Cybersecurity fields are certified, skilled and experts
Cybersecurity Immersive Dedicated Labs and Cybersecurity Private Training

Dedicated Labs

Step into a world-like practicality with our immersive Dedicated Labs

All Cybersecurity Majors

Are you looking for skilled, and experienced trainers for private and customized training?

Our highly skilled and certified trainers dedicated to your success. Choose the Cybersecurity major that aligns with your expertise goals and earn valuable certifications at XEye Academy

All Majors That Are Eligible for Private Training

Red Teaming

Become a Red Teaming expert and highly skilled Bug Bounty Hunter and be able to easily get certified with the most advanced certificates from the first attempt.

Penetration Testing

Become a highly skilled Penetration Tester by learning all the phases starting from InfoG to Reporting and Remediation, and become ready for the most advanced certificates

Cyber Investigation

Learn how to reveal information about your targets on the internet and the deep web, learn all the hacking tricks and mindset to reveal non-public information

Digital Forensics

Want to learn how to become an experienced Cyber Police? then this field is for you. Become a Super Digital Forensics expert, find and track the hackers and malicious intruders, and become certified.

Information Security

If you want to become an ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GRC certified expert, we have our own certified trainers who are specialized in training you to get certified and very knowledgeable to assist your clients or your company

Application Security

If you are a developer and want to learn how to optimally secure your code or want to become an application security expert, our certified training experts will make you achieve your goal.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the most enjoyable field but it is a huge field and needs huge skills and technical knowledge, Our Social Engineering experts will turn you to a highly skilled Social Engineering professional with modern and advanced real-world hacking technique.

Network Security

Learn networking and network security, get certified with our dedicated labs to help you cope with real world working network security, our network security trainers certified and skilled and they will lead you till you become an expert and get certified.

Security Operation Center (SOC)

Become a SOC Operations Center tier 1 and tier2 expert, from threat landscape analysis to incident response with different SOC solutions, you will get certified and better equiped to defend organizations against cyber threats and to maintain security

Social Media Hacking

Learn ethically how to perform Social Media real modern hacking in most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and help social media and their users become more secure. our SM Ethical Hackers will practically teach you till you become an expert.

Security Awarness Training

We provide security awareness training for non-technical and technical people and for kids to help you, your company, and your family become more secure against all the known and unknown attacks. Security awarness pays a very important role because the weakest point is the non security-aware user.

Certificate Based Training

Are planning to get certified in any security-related certificate?

At XEye Academy, our skilled trainers are ready to guide you through comprehensive materials and provide practical training to ensure your success in passing the exam on your first attempt.

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