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Facebook Security and Privacy | Hacking OSINT and Socmint | Facebook OSINT Course

Facebook OSINT Hacking

Reveal sensitive information about your targets on Facebook like real world expert hackers

Facebook OSINT Hacking

Do you want to learn how to reveal and gather information about your target on Facebook like real-world expert hackers?

Welcome to the Facebook OSINT Hacking pro course, the only course you need to learn how to reveal critical information about your targets on Facebook like real-world expert hackers. With so many OSINT Hacking examples, a huge amount of OSINT hacking tricks, and special OSINT Hacking tools you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to reveal a huge amount of critical information and you will be able to completely secure your privacy and accounts.

One of the very important and required skills and knowledge for hackers is revealing information about their targets on Social media. Facebook is the most popular Social Media and it is one of the most important gates that advanced real-world hackers use to reveal a huge amount of sensitive information about their targets and substantially help for further hacking phases, and Facebook is the most used and it is one of the most important Social Media Platforms, and it is very important for Ethical Hackers and Penetration testers to have the knowledge and skills of revealing information about their targets.

All through this course, you will step by step learn highly advanced hacking technical methods besides the non-technical methods with the skills of expert real-world hackers to reveal deep information about your targets on Facebook, also we regularly publish newly discovered tricks by us on our academy. Through our academy you you will get complete support and we will answer any question that may arise to harden your skills and knowledge and help you in your learning journey.

My name is Mostafa Ahmad, I'm one of the instructors at XEye Academy and I'm the founder and CEO of XEye Security company, and I'm a Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Expert with over 10 years of confirmed excellent expertise and excessive effectiveness. I am very happy to ship utterly my profitable expertise by means of our high-quality courses.

Here is what you will learn throughout this course: <All videos inside of the course with high resolution>

· What OSINT is and what you can do with it

· Set up your hacking environment the correct way, bypass all the issues and learn Kali Linux

· Create an undetectable realistic fake account on Facebook.

· Use Facebook with OSINT hacking tips and tricks that are performed by real-world malicious hackers

· Reveal and gather the most amount of information about a company

· Reveal and gather the most amount of information about a person

· Have the mindset of a real-world hacker on Facebook

· Use advanced and tricky searching hacking techniques

· Reveal and grab all of your targets’ IDs and use them to reveal more information.

· Manipulate the Facebook search engine and reveal deeper information.

· Manipulate Facebook URLs and reveal deeper information.

· Grab your target's videos.

· Find your target's other accounts on Facebook, other social media, and all other accounts on the internet.

· Reveal your target's email addresses.

· Reveal the targeted companies' analytical information on Facebook and its importance for further hacking phases.

· Use your target's phone number to reveal more information

· Use your target's Pictures to reveal much deeper information

· Harden your OSINT hacking attacks to reveal a huge amount of critical information like a real-world expert hacker.

· Completely protect your privacy on Facebook.

  • We regularly reveal advanced methods that are discovered by us , only in this course and XEye Academy.

We are more than confident that you will love and enjoy this course as you will have a huge amount of skills that will make you reveal deep information about your targets, the course comes with a 30-day Full money-back guarantee, if you didn't get what you are expecting from the course you will get your money back.

Learning should be enjoyable and full of valuable information. This course has been designed by XEye Academy with care to ease learning and make sure that you get the best outcome. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions that may arise with no limit to help you with your learning journey and further harden your skills.

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Get Certified

Upon successfully completing the course, you will receive two valuable certificates. The first is a Completion Certificate, acknowledging your dedication and successful fulfillment of all course requirements. The second certificate is awarded upon passing the assessment, demonstrating your high level of experience and professionalism in the Offensive Facebook OSINT. This certificate will showcase a significant value on your resume, highlighting your expertise and setting you apart from others in the field

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