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Unlock your full potential in the vast world of IT. Whether you aspire to become a cybersecurity expert, a skilled developer, a proficient information security professional, or network engineering expert, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced training programs designed to propel you towards your dream goals and to get certified.

Over 22K Students

With a global reach, we have more than twenty two thousand students world wide with remarkable success.

Advanced Training Programs

Advanced training programs along with immersive real-world simulated labs and machines to gain practical skills and knowledge in a dynamic learning environment.

Certified 75 Trainers

Highly experienced, skilled, and certified trainers in various Information Technology domains, offering extensive knowledge and expertise.

Global Reach

With students in 195 countries, our training programs have a global reach, providing education and empowerment to individuals worldwide.

What Students Say About XEye Academy

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I'm taking the course and the instructor is amazing and did an outstanding job of explaining every point in great detail. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and discovered a variety of useful methods and tricks that have been incredibly helpful in my Cyber Investigation.

— EBAG Ser

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The instructor really knows how to simplify everything to students, he is very thorough and capable of delivering, so it is not only about the material, it is also about the delivery and he did a great job doing so.. I strongly recommend XEye Academy ..once again, thank you.

— Mohamed Mohsen

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An awesome training for ethical hacking and how to excel in this field. With rich content and an effective way of teaching, this training has everything to be enrolled by those who want to start their ethical hacking journey!

— Anas Khan

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I really got alot of information from this course . This course is very useful and provides a lot of practical information. its really worth the money and I advise anyone to enroll in this course who is interested in gaining more cyber security and hacking skills .

— Omar Alsharif

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Excellent training which is very detailed! Really illustrates why one should take the security of their social media profiles seriously. I have learned a lot and the trainer is very skilled.

— William Davenport

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I took Instagram OSINT course, it is a great course, well designed and I learn a lot of tricks on Instagram that helped me. It is recommended for anyone who is learning Ethical hacking.

— Ahcyber

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This is an excellent training. It is interesting and provided the insight I needed. It was exactly what I was looking for to start off with. Great instructor Thank you.

— Ahmed Yossri Osman

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Five stars for the last minute of the training that helped me out during an OSINT CTF! Aside from that, very good content and well presented.

— Ben Beale

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